About Us

Housekeepers of Marin is a family owned and operated business
started in 1985. The owners are Willie, Terry and Debby Thurlow who are entrenched in Marin County schools and activities. Our personal reputations are tied up in the quality of service that we provide. This makes a big difference! If you have ever tried to get some corporate office or independent person to care about your hardwood floors you will understand how vast that difference can be. We oversee everything. We comply with all the required Workers’ Compensation, disability insurance, Social Security and tax requirements. Housekeepers of Marin files all the paperwork and pays all taxes so you need not worry about “nanny problems.”

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“Wow…two dogs, a cat, teenagers running amok… and the house is spotless!
You guys rock!”


Each member of our full time staff is an employee of Housekeepers of Marin, not an independent contactor. Our staff is well trained and professional. They are, uniformed, insured, bonded and experienced, averaging over 11 years on our staff. We pay them well and reward their commitments to our high standards. We believe that we are no better than the efforts of our staff and we all strive to be better. It is our goal to retain our clients’ trust and build the business through their referrals.

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