How much will it cost to have my house cleaned?

The price to clean your home is based on many factors. The size of your home and the frequency of cleaning are the two main factors. We also take into consideration your priorities and instructions. As each home is entirely different, we will meet with you to review your home and personal needs prior to scheduling your cleaning.

How many people will do the cleaning?

We usually work in teams of four employees to complete the job in less than two hours.

Do you provide supplies and equipment?

We bring absolutely everything we need to clean your home for you. If you have any special products that you prefer, let us know.

Do I get the same team each visit?

We book you with the same team each visit; we know that the more familiar they are with your home and your priorities, the happier you will be. Changes may occur periodically, but consistent results are our goal.

What if I am unable to be at home for the cleaning?

Most of our customers are not home when we clean. Our staff is accustomed to working from the personalized instructions we maintain for your home. As long as we have access to your home, we’ll be there to clean.

What is the difference between Housekeepers of Marin and a cleaning lady?

Housekeepers of Marin manages every aspect of employment, including filing all required state and federal paperwork and payroll taxes for our employees. You are at no risk while we are working in your home because each and every one of our employees is bonded and insured. We assume absolutely all liability for our employees and their actions.

When you hire an independent cleaning person, it is important to understand your obligations as a household employer. For more information see IRS Publication 756 at

What is the difference between Housekeepers of Marin and another cleaning service?

Housekeepers of Marin is a privately owned local business that has more than 29 years experience in professional residential cleaning. It is the one and only service that we provide. We have exclusively served Marin County since 1985.

What if I am not happy?

Do not ever hesitate to contact the office if you have a complaint or a concern. If you are ever dissatisfied with your service, we will return the next day to address whatever was missed. And if you still are not pleased, you pay nothing. No other cleaning service offers this money back guarantee.

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