Each year Housekeepers of Marin cleans several thousand homes just like yours. You can trust a local company that has served Marin since 1985. Most clients are not even home when we arrive yet they provide a key or pass code for our staff. That is trust!

Your protection and security

You have no risk when we are working in your home because we are bonded and insured. We assume all liability for our employees and their actions. In addition our employees are covered with Workers’ Compensation insurance.

Employees vs. independent contractors

Every member of our staff is an employee not an independent contractor. We comply with all the government requirements for Social Security, unemployment insurance, payroll taxes and insurance. You have no responsibility for any insurance or taxes. So this gives you total protection.

Total satisfaction

We get to know our clients and their homes. That is why we guarantee 100% satisfaction. If you have an issue, let us know so we can remedy it immediately.

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